About Me

Beatles to Buble...And Before - Bio.

My name is Chris Ellers. Thanks for visiting my site.

I've always sung, since the days of being driven to the beach on a stinking hot day with no air conditioning, in the back of the Holden station wagon with my brothers and sisters. We'd  harmonise to whatever song was on the radio at the time.

It never entered my mind that you could do it for a living! So life seemehardo But it never seemed a possib.  but growing up in Perth, Western Australia I thought it best to put those dreams behind me and get a real job. I had a great career - I owned my own firm selling real estate for 20 years and raised a family...4 of the best kids - now in their 20's.

As I worked, though, I found myself needing something more fulfilling. eI've always aspired to more than 'work'. I would find myself sitting in the car on my lunch breaks, singing to my steering wheel. It was then I realised that the shower curtain and the steering wheel - well they might be a great audience, but I was longing to sing to people! So I sang at markets and busked in Fremantle. And people began requesting me for their private functions. 

I wanted to see if i could make a new life doing what I love. And I've truly learned that it's never too late. So I've put together an act and built this site. 

I've called my act Beatles to Buble...And Before. I think it explains pretty well the sort of covers I'm doing. These are the songs that I truly love - the classics from the 50's, 60's and beyond. Please feel free to have a listen to my songs on this site and of course to drop me a line and book me for your next gig! 


We loved Chris's act, it's all the old songs and the best new ones. And Chris is a hoot. ”

— Jane and Pete Bond, Noranda.