Tribute Singers' Dilemma

Successful songs are easy to love and difficult to emulate.
So many successful musicians make it big time because of tribulations in their private lives that produce a wisdom, a yearning, a deep understanding of the human condition encapsulated in a seminal song or album that deeply touches the hearts of their fans; see Roy Orbison; Louis Armstrong; Frank Sinatra. 

Serendipity plays a huge part  in a song's success. A good song is not enough; a good cause is not enough. The right song perfectly captures the heart of the man on the street that words alone can't do. 
These anthemic songs demand an essence or feeling that the writer/singer somehow captured and bottled for it to be sung with any meaning.

I find it beneficial to read about the lives of these iconic musicians; to try and walk a mile in their shoes, to gain a better understanding of where they were coming from so that i can draw on my emotions to do their song justice and give meaning to my listener.

The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Louis Armstrong, The Eagles, Frank Sinatra, Otis Redding all define eras of music that i hope to give modern audiences a better understanding of.