The Birthday Singer

I was asked to sing at an elderly birthday celebration recently. It was a balmy afternoon at a trendy cafe by the river. There was plenty of activity on the water and a zephyr of a breeze to accompany us through dusk and into the evening... I carried out my final sound checks.

My new speakers were superb, the acoustics were brilliant and as the guests began arriving I opened with a classic Sinatra followed by a Nat King Cole favourite. It was a good start to a promising evening. I received a few assenting nods indicating I was on the right track. I settled into my song list quietly confident of another successful gig.  

 Unfortunately, it went down hill from there. As the night progressed I searched for a toe tap, a knee slap; even a slight sway to whatever tune i was singing. Alas, there was nothing. In my efforts to attract a response to my well honed act I launched the guaranteed finger tapper while deftly increasing the volume. Still nothing.
It was then I was politely asked to 'turn it down a little' by the cafe proprietor employing one of those apologetic faces. It seemed I was I interrupting the conversation!

The rest of the evening continued in this vein until the death blow when the birthday girl suggested I leave early as the guests were heading home. Ouch!!

And so it goes... perhaps they weren't assenting nods after all. 

Onward and upwards!